Iglun rakentaminenWith the help of construction tools, shovels, and a lot of good spirit, building an igloo proves time and again to be an activity that keeps you warm at -20°c...

Igloo building depends much on the snow condition, and remains a challenge.

The endless frozen sea around the archipelago offers a wide option of places to build your igloo - out on the ice or on an island.

The more adventurous can even get to know a Baltic night in an igloo.

Construction time: 3 to 6 hours depending on # of participants
Price: 60 €
Included: guide services and initiation, insurance, shovels, and a hot drink (+ mittens, scarf, hat, warm socks), the transportation from your hotel to the activity area.
Season: November to April

NB: This activity can be modified depending on weather conditions and safety rules in force.